Background and Inspirations.

Richard Tuck was born in the Blue Ridge Mountains of southwest Virginia. Tuck attended the Fort Wayne Art Institute and studied ceramics with Clyde Burt and sculpture with Hector Garcia, graduating with a Certificate in Sculpture in 1970.

Tuck’s work is not a reflection of current trends or angst found today in most art publications. Rather it comes from a spiritual source from within that strives to give the viewer an experience of timeless beauty. Tuck feels a work must persist as an object of contemplation. He does not depict events, but tries to reawaken perception; to restore the magic, to create works that mediate between human being, nature, and the cosmos. He believes art should reach back to its great humane values; to its meditations on the human spirit, and integrate them with the global culture.

Tuck draws from his imagination and the history of ceramics, sculpture, and painting for the work he produces. He does not strive to be uninfluenced by the work of predecessors or contemporaries. Tuck’s work process is to constantly go back to a subject, alter the form and develop it further. A long time may elapse before ideas take form, and then they may occupy him for years.