Designed to be used everyday.

Functional works are designed to be used in the everyday setting, and when not in use may serve as decorative pieces. Works include bowls, plates, jars, vases and mugs. The philosophy of “form follows function” is evident in each piece created, weather it is one of a kind or part of a set.

When you purchase sets of hand-made ceramic pieces, you will notice the desirable small differences in each piece that bears the mark of the artist who created them.

Bowls range in size from 4" to 20" in diameter, and are offered in several glaze styles. Plates also range in size from 4" to 20" in diameter and carry similar glaze styles as the bowls. Vase forms are always individual in design, and you will rarely see two exactly the same in form and surface color. Mugs are made in the same size of approximately 4" high and 3" in diameter, but the forms and design elements are what gives each one a sense of individuality.

The stoneware clay and glazes used in all of these works is oven-proof and dishwasher safe.